Adding Products to your shop

  1. Log into your seller account manager
  2. Click “Add Product” button
  3. Enter a name, description, category, and tags
  4. Add a “Featured Image” to be the main photo for your product/item
  5. Add “Gallery images” if you have a few photos of your item
  6. Enter an SKU (Stock keeping Unit) if you have one for your item
  7. Price your item
  8. Select if it’s a Simple Product (Simple Product setup video) | Variable Product (Variable product setup video) if you want a drop down menu with different pricing/colour/sizing options etc.
  9. Add “Attributes” if you would like to add details about your item such as Colour, Materials etc (if there are attributes you can recommend pleaseemail us and we’ll be hapy to add those. Once you’ve added an attribute you can add the terms associated with the attribute (seperate with | ) , for example METAL: ( gold | silver | Copper | paladium| )

Please see the screenshots