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Examples of environmental and ethical questions can be noticed in her fine art work just as in her design pieces. Her most recent solo exhibitions titled: Conscious Consciousness and Conscious Unconsciousness discuss the impact of pollution and human responsibility.

Most recently in her design practice, she developed an aromatherapy necklace family called STINK which are especially intended for people with sensitive skin. Many perfumes/ fragrances which are applied directly to the skin contain chemicals, some of which are too big to be absorbed by the skin, others however are just small enough. STINK’s innovative use of materials helps to avoid the absorption of chemicals through the skin.

This brand has been developed with the conscious decision of producing as close to zero waste as possible. The packaging is a costume designed felt pouch which can be used for storing and transporting the necklace. This choice of packaging is a conscious environmental decision to avoid single used material such as most product packaging. To do this she designed packaging that is stylish as well as practical to encourage continued use. All other parts of the necklace are designed from durable, long lasting materials such as ceramic or natural compostable materials like wool.

“I believe pollution is a design choice and as a designer I am responsible for the future life of my product.”